In the earlier 2012, my mother was admitted to Naval Hospital in Beijing , China with pneumonia. After about  a week of IV and antibiotic treatment she was getting better. But hours before she was to be released form the hospital her temperature went up to 101°F and she was kept in the hospital for further observation. The doctors again treated her again with four kinds of antibiotics to no avail but with serious side effects: her CT showed multiple pathological changes – kidney and respiratory failure, type 2 diabetes, lung infection, high blood pressure all made worse by cross infections in the hospital.

Words failed me when I see me mother’s condition: her whole body was swollen, she had not urinated in 10 days and she was barely conscious. She was hooked up to oxygen  and had a feeding tube. They gave her 5 days to live.

My 30 years of experience in Chinese medicine told me to most important thing was  to get my mother to ruminate. Her doctor rejected my plan but they had no alternative, but they had no alternative, so they allowed me to try a Chinese herb formula. Two hours after administering the medicine through a nostril drip, the nurse reported that my mother started to pass urine. The treatment lasted 10 days: she regained consciousness and the swelling was gone. But her kidney function was damaged. I administered another Chinese herbal formula and after 2 days, she had a bowel movement, which excreted the toxins. Subsequent blood tests showed a dramatically lower creatinine level.

Although she was greatly improved and she now had normal kidney function, my mother still had the lung infection. Her doctor did a deep venipuncture to aspirate the phlegm and used more medicine but there was no improvement. I administered another Chinese formula to clean her lungs. After 5 days the infection cleared up.

Under join treatment of Western and Chinese medicine my 84-year-old mother was healed. Her case proves the efficacy of Chinese medicine. I want to encourage my colleagues to continue your efforts and encourage Western medical doctor working with doctors trained in Chinese for the benefit of our patients.

My mother is still healthy today.